eNotary On Call's Unique Features


eNotary On Call ensures the most convenient and seamless documentation process that allows you the following-

  • Upload multiple documents
  • Manage & edit the documents
  • Add name, date, address, and signature instantly

Request for notary

User has the complete flexibility to select their preferred Notary professional on eNotary On Call.

Search and add co-signer

  • Search and add multiple co-signers

Get notarization summary and fees

  • Pay fees and notary submission

Waiting room

The system selects the Notary professional for you and sends notification to the user once the Notary begins the process.


Video Call

The system conducts the digital notarization process over a highly secure (encrypted) and HD video call.

  • HD Audio and Video
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Meeting View, Speaker View, and Selected View

Geo-location & IP capture

eNotary On Call captures geo-location and IP address information of the user for security purposes.

  • Geo-locations Capture
  • IP Address Capture

Host Control

The Notary has complete control over the meeting and they can-

  • Remove participants
  • Capture images and documents
  • Capture geo-location and IP address

Secure Image Capture

The host can capture the following information of the user-

  • User Image
  • Document
  • User ID
  • Signature

Screen Share

eNotary On Call allows the host to share screen.

  • Browser based
  • Multi window screenshare support

Signature Pad

Along with being user-friendly, eNotary On Call introduces you to the latest updates to simplify the digital notarization process for the customers.

  • Send the link, Upload images, and documents

Instant Chat and File Sharing

It enables the host to chat with the participant(s) instantly and both the parties can share files over the video call.

Video Recordings

Currently, the system has three highly secure cloud storages- AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.