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eNotarization is official in Maryland now.

There are sighs of relief as Remote Online Notarization in Maryland is now legal. Online notaries in Maryland are commissioning themselves to offer remote notary services to every customer situated anywhere in the country. As a result, state residents are notarizing documents digitally without a hitch.

By Senate Bill 678, Remote Online Notarization services become applicable in Maryland on October 1, 2020. Digitized notary services are fully operational and legal in Maryland. RON has turned into a real-time and money-saving method for every signer and every customer.

Electronic notarization enables parties to communicate for the notarization of documents without physically being present by connecting via a cutting-edge video conferencing platform.

eNotary On Call is one of the leading Remote Online Notarization service providers, offering a quick three-step notarization process. With this service, you can easily upload your document, communicate live with a notary public, verify your identity, and obtain an electronic signature for your document. In addition, it allows multiple signers from various places.

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The Most Common Documents That Maryland Signers
Can Notarize Are


Power of


Passport Parental




Deed of Trust


Unclaimed Property


for Duplicate


Affidavit of Forgery


Consent for


Grant Deed


Bill of Sale


Temporary Guardianship Agreement

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Notarization Service in Maryland

eNotary On Call is dedicated to providing Maryland residents with seamless notarization services. Our services are simple to use, secure, and available around the clock at a reasonable cost.

Notaries in the state are slowly embracing the platform and customers are reaching out to get online notarization services. The fail-safe virtual notarization platform, eNotary On Call, offers eminent notarial services for everyone.

Customers or signers can communicate with commissioned Maryland-based notaries online through video chat. eNotary On Call is the preferred platform in Maryland for remote online notary services. You can enjoy the incredible experience by scheduling a demo at eNotary On Call to have your document notarized online.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Remote Online Notarization in Maryland allowed?

Yes, Senate Bill 678 was officially enacted on October 1, 2020. This enacted law permits Maryland notaries to notarize documents remotely for signers in any location but the notary should be physically present in the state.

I am not in Maryland now. What to do?

Don’t worry about your location, don’t worry about the time. Get seamless RON services on your device from anywhere, anytime.

What do I need to have for document notarization online in Maryland?

Remote Online Notarization in Maryland requires the following:

  • An original document.
  • A valid government-issued photo ID.
  • A computer, laptop or mobile phone with audio and video capabilities.
  • A U.S. social security number (SSN) for identity verification.

How are the documents exchanged during the RON service?

Through the eNotary On Call platform, soft copies of documents are safely exchanged online. Remote notarization is possible with digital signatures. Zero paperwork, total security and satisfaction are offered on our virtual notary platform.

How much does Remote Online Notarization in Maryland cost?

Online notarization in Maryland is cost-effective with eNotary On Call. In addition, we offer a low-priced plan for virtual document notarization. Check out the pricing page.


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