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eNotarization is official in
Illinois now.

With the passage of Senate Bill 2664 on January 1,
2022, Remote Online Notarization is permitted in
Illinois. Illinois signers can now use RON to get their
documents notarized. Online notarization is a more
secure method and safer alternative for Illinois
signers to validate their documents.

Through online Notary services or RON, the signer can
notarize their documents remotely and so there is no
need to visit a Notary office to notarize their
documents. But there is a limitation: the Public notary
must be within the state boundaries during the
Notarization session.

Virtual Notary services make document notarization
faster than traditional online notarization services. In
RON, a unique digital certificate is signed and sealed
to the validated documents. This digital security
measure makes the document tamper-evident so
that any alteration to the document can be
prevented easily, or if in case, any alteration is done,
then it is easily detectable.


Get the best virtual notary services from
the best-of-breed notaries on our secure
online notarization platform.

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The Most Common Documents for Remote Online
Notarization in lllinois are


Power of






Deed of Trust


Unclaimed Property


for Duplicate


Affidavit of Forgery


Consent for


Grant Deed


Bill of Sale


Temporary Guardianship Agreement

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Remote Online Notarization helps you to

Long Queue
your Time
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Become a Remote Online Notary in lllinois

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Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions must one meet in order to become
a remote public notary in Illinois?

To become a Remote Online Notary in Illinois, you must possess a Notary Public commission certification and complete the necessary state exams.

What devices are needed in Illinois to perform
Remote Online Notarization?

You must have a laptop or PC with a stable internet connection, a suitable microphone, and a webcam.

How online Notarization is performed in Illinois?

Signers need to connect to an authorised Public Notary through a RON platform such as eNotary On Call. Through audio-video conferencing and remote access technology,
the Public Notary validate the document via digital stamp
and seal.

Can a signer notarize their papers anywhere they

Yes, signers can notarize their papers at any time and from
any location. However, in order to complete the notarization,
the Public Notary must be physically present in the state of

How much time does it take to perform remote
online services?
It takes very less time in comparison to traditional notarizations. At eNotary On Call, the RON session completes in less than 20 minutes.

How much are the charges for Signers for
Notarizing their documents?

RON charges vary across different platforms, At eNotary On
Call, we provide the most affordable and competitive pricing
where the Notarization starts as low as $25.

Can you add co-signers for validating the

Yes, you can add multiple co-signers at eNotary On Call. The
co-signers can be remotely present anywhere while
witnessing the document.