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You can execute a Remote Online Notarization in Nevada at any time, anywhere. Remote online notary services are allowed in the state of Nevada. People living in the state of Nevada can now access document notarization online without going and searching for in-person notaries. Signers of the state are happy to relish the comfort and ease that online notarization is bringing to them.

During your hectic schedule, online notarization eliminates the need to travel and leave your home or office. Every customer, signer, and notary public using eNotary On Call reaps numerous benefits, like best-in-class security, reduced costs, fast processing and accurate online transactions.

Remote Online Notary Nevada has been legal since December in the year 2018. NV Assembly Bill 413 was signed to legalize the law. Since then, remote online notary services have kicked off in the state of Nevada. The signer or any party now need not be physically present. Instead, they can be in a two-way video chat through the video conferencing platform of eNotary On Call and can complete virtual notarization through any device.

So, if you are looking for premier Remote Online Notarization services in Nevada, sign up on eNotary On Call immediately.


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The Most Common Documents That Nevada Signers
Can Notarize Are


Power of


Passport Parental




Deed of Trust


Unclaimed Property


for Duplicate


Affidavit of Forgery


Consent for


Grant Deed


Bill of Sale


Temporary Guardianship Agreement

Get Your Documents Notarized Online in Nevada Now!

Remote Online Notarization in Nevada is the perfect solution for urgent notarization needs.

Signers can now sign documents digitally! The document can be electronically exchanged between the parties and the notary. A new age of paperless document notarization is here. The eNotary On Call instant online notary service unlocks the power of the Internet, giving you secure, real-time access to a live notary.

Visit the eNotary On Call and experience top-quality electronic notarization service today!


Remote Online Notarization helps you to

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the timings for booking a remote online notary service?

There are no set hours! However, you can go to the eNotary On Call website, sign up and book a slot.

What forms of online notarization are allowed in Nevada?

The following notarial acts can be carried out by remote notaries in Nevada:

  • Performing a jurat
  • Accepting a formal acknowledgement.
  • Validating a record's copy
  • How do I prepare for a Remote Online Notarization?

    You must have:

  • Your digital file,
  • Good camera,
  • Decent speakers,
  • Good internet connection,
  • Laptop, desktop or mobile.
  • How do I notarize a document in Nevada?

    Using eNotary On Call makes it very simple to carry out Remote Online Notarization in Nevada.

    1. Create Account/Sign Up
    2. Identity Verification
    3. Upload ID Documents
    4. Connect with Notary
    5. Get the notarized document online.
    Is it necessary for me to be physically present in Nevada to use the Nevada State remote notary service?

    Not at all! You can be anywhere and you can choose to book the service at any time. Visit the eNotary On Call website and book a slot for remote notarization from anywhere at your convenient time.

    How are documents exchanged online during electronic notarization?

    The video conferencing of eNotary On Call lets the parties to the notarization and exchange the soft copies of the documents online. A simple, secure and paperless notarization experience awaits you at eNotary On Call. Contact us for more details.


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