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Remote Online Notarization in Massachusetts

Remote Online Notarization services are now available in Massachusetts, effective January 1, 2024. This means that signers and notaries in the state can connect over the internet and complete the notarization process remotely. Notaries can now offer efficient electronic notarization services using the online platform. eNotary On Call is the one-stop remote online notary platform that every notary in Massachusetts can access.

With the implementation of Remote Online Notarization, individuals can conveniently notarize documents from the comfort of their own homes or offices, eliminating the need for in-person meetings with a notary public. This streamlined process offers increased flexibility and efficiency, particularly in situations where physical presence may be challenging or impractical. It also benefits various sectors, including real estate transactions, legal documentation, and business agreements. With digital solutions, Massachusetts aims to enhance accessibility and security while maintaining the integrity of notarial acts.


Notaries in the state can now access the limitless chance of offering a notary service through the online platform to anyone located anywhere. eNotary On Call can provide a high-tech platform with a seamless video conferencing feature. So, citizens of Massachusetts, reach out to eNotary On Call for the best online notarization experience!


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The Most Common Documents That Massachusetts
Signers Can Notarize Are


Power of Attorney


Passport Parental Consent


Quitclaim Deed


Deed of Trust


Unclaimed Property Form


Application for Duplicate Title


Affidavit of Forgery


Parental Consent for Travel


Grant Deed


Bill of Sale


Temporary Guardianship Agreement

Getting Remote Online Notarization Service in Massachusetts is Now simple!

eNotary On Call simplifies the document notarizing hassle into an easy-breezy approach. Experience the comfort of Remote Online Notarization in Massachusetts with our state-of-the-art platform to ensure a smooth and secure notarization process. Don’t search for document notary service providers near you anymore. Do you want to spend days and days waiting in queues without fruitful document notarization? No, right? Get your documents notarized online by trusted remote notaries based in Massachusetts through eNotary On Call today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is RON legal in Massachusetts?

Yes. Massachusetts has legalized Remote Online Notarization services effective January 1, 2024.

I am not in Massachusetts right now. Can I choose a remote notary from Massachusetts?

Your location doesn’t matter now. All the boundaries are now erased as eNotary On Call integrates people with remote notaries online. It is the age of virtual notarization now.

In a virtual notary service, how are documents exchanged with singers and among the parties to the notary in general?

Through the very online notary platform, the signer and other parties to the notary exchange soft copies of the documents. The signer signs the soft copy of the document and sends back the soft copy online. Enjoy a complete paperless document notarization process.

What Can an Online Notary in Massachusetts Charge?

eNotary On Call offers highly economical Remote Online Notarization services in Massachusetts, starting at just $25 per notarization. Contact us for bulk plan options tailored to your business needs.

Will Other States Accept Documents Notarized in Massachusetts?

Yes. Any document notarized in Massachusetts, whether in person or online, will be recognized as valid in all 50 states, provided it complies with applicable local notarization or RON laws.

Can I make online payments for the notary service?

Yes, you can make online payments. All cards and online payments are accepted at eNotary On Call, so don’t worry.


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