Real Estate

Using cutting-edge technology to deliver an omnichannel experience and fully understand the customers is the key to the business success and of course, Real Estate is not an exception to it.

Focusing more on the customer experience is a crucial differentiator in the Real Estate sector. Be it, customers, selling agents, or investors, everyone wants to have a frictionless experience. We all know the fact that Notarization has always been an inevitable part of Real-Estate dealing and this is exactly where eNotary On Call ensures a seamless and convenient digital notary experience for your customers, investors and other stakeholders.

eNotary On Call’s Unique Capabilities

Excellent Client Experience

Using our highly secure and robust digital notary platform, your clients can easily get their documents notarized within a few minutes.

Security At It’s Best

eNotary On Call is very serious about user security. eNotary On Call is hosted on a highly secure cloud-based environment which is SSL enabled to offer the highest standards of Privacy & Data Security.

Group Meetings With Multiple Screen Sharing

eNotary On Call allows the users to conduct group meetings when multiple co-signers are required. The system also allows to facilitate screen-sharing with multiple meeting participants to make the process more convenient.


Notarization Remotely

Get your documents notarized from anywhere and anytime. It’s super-convenient.

Highly Secure File and Data Retention

The system stores all the user files and data in a highly secure cloud location for future reference.

Face & Signature verification

The system verifies the user’s face and signature through the live capture of a valid Identity document.

Smart E-Verify

The user can easily verify the documents using the login ID and pin and download them.